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Welcome home. - Codependency Recovery [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Overcome codependency

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Welcome home. [Jul. 13th, 2006|06:45 pm]
Overcome codependency


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At least, I hope this can be some kind of home to us. A place where we, friends and friends of friends, can talk about our codependency issues, about things we often are too ashamed or too sad to discuss with the people who know us in our 3D lives.

But discussing, and before that, realizing our problems is the first step towards recovery. Towards becoming whole again, not repeating the same wrong schemes over and over again.

I have set up the community to limited access, the idea is that only people we know can write here, so we can feel more relaxed about sharing our experiences, and trying to find and suggest approaches towards possible solutions. I think it is better if the group remains reasonably small, and permits us to have a general idea about who we are.

Rules? Respect, kindness, honesty. I want you to tell me when I fall into the old traps, kick my butt if necessary, but I don't presume that this must be the case. Just write an introduction about yourself, and specify if you appreciate straigthforward (not rude, please, ever! One flame, and you are out of here..) comments on your actions and behaviour.

For myself, I have realized in the past that I have had too few people around who tell me the truth about some stuff I was repeating and repeating. Loving support is wonderful, and bitterly needed in certain moments, but sometimes in order to grow up I also need to be reminded of certain patterns which all too often I see only too late.

Re. Religion.. it is ok if you share what helps you, but the word is SHARE. Not try to persuade others that yours is the only possible way. Same as above, intolerance and flaming is a sure reason to part ways.

Thank you.

[User Picture]From: krze
2007-11-03 05:18 pm (UTC)
im co dependent, im tryin to keep track of myself to get better.
feedback please?
its terribly depressing to be co dependent

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